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      The ring was slipped on, the hands of the pair were joined, the bishop delivered his little address, and pronounced his blessing in his well-known mannera mixture of sacerdotal dignity and sweetnessand Esmeralda walked down the aisle the wife of the Marquis of Trafford.

      "And you felt so pitiful for him," prompted Anna.

      Say it again, dearest, he said, again! again!

      Norman lighted up, and leaned back comfortably. No, it isnt easy to make a fortune, Traff, even in the new world. Its about as difficult there as it is here, and everybodys at it.

      The man who had made her prisoner replied in the affirmative.



      Esmeralda made an uneasy movement.Save this one, he said. Be calm, and listen to me; you will need all your calmness. Esmeralda andand Normanhis teeth clinched after he had spoken the namehad met at the place she came fromThree Star. He had[250] proposed to her there, andwhy, I know notshe had refused him; but she must have loved him, for she has gone away with him. They have been together at Belfayre. Oh, do you not see how the devilish thing has been brought about? Separated from mea wife in name onlythe presence of the man who had loved her in the past, still loved her. Yes, it must be plain enough even to you!


      Norman was almost frightened, and seeing it, Esmeralda controlled herself and forced a laugh.


      "Why?" daringly asked Miranda--and ran from the room.