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      "What is your particular line, Allegra?" asked her brother. "Is it landscape?"

      She had lifted herself into a sitting position, she who had not been able to sit up for many days past.

      She looked at him critically.

      If ever we get the upper hand!


      As Esmeralda rode down, the mob sent up a ringing cheer, and parted to let the three ride through, then it closed up behind them and followed in marching order, the concertina wailing out Auld Lang Syne.


      "I have tried to take her to the other churchyou must not talk of a clergyman as a dozy old bird, sirbut she looked so unhappy at the mere idea of missing Father Rodwell's sermons that I dare not press the matter. He comes to see us occasionally, and he is the cheeriest and pleasantest of men, nothing of the zealot or ascetic about him; so that I am in[Pg 235] hopes his influence will be for good in the long run. How long shall you be able to stop at San Remo?"


      "I am very fond of books, and of music," she said; "but one gets tired of being alone after a time. It seems such ages since Martin and I said good-bye in Venice. I was dreadfully unhappy at first. I stand almost alone in the world, when I am parted from him."